About us

Born in the creatively inspired city of Melbourne, Australia, What The Wolf is an eco-conscious small business for families that appreciate creativity and high quality design. At our studio in Melbourne, we design and produce a select range of original children’s homewares and art prints that aim to inspire and enhance the world. Our unique and clever designs are made to promote the creativeness and imagination that helps our little wolves grow and learn.  

​We love spending time out in the wild, and What The Wolf designs are inspired by the textures and themes of nature. This is why we have a strong commitment to protecting the environment for future packs to come. By sourcing environmentally responsible materials such as bamboo, reducing unnecessary packaging, and ensuring our suppliers are in line with our values, we’re able to minimise the impact of our paw print on the environment. We’re all part of the same pack and should be kind to our world and to one another.



​Tommy has worked extensively as a graphic designer and illustrator for the last 17 years. He has illustrated 12 published children’s books in Canada & France. He is represented by Astound in New York and the UK.
Clients: Apple, Auzou, Cirque du Soleil, Cotton On Kids, Emporium, Hallmark Cards, Quebec Amerique, Mattel, Microsoft, Oreo, Target


Matthew has worked for a number of major names in the retail sector, including a leading brand of children’s clothing. He now works as a behavioural therapist for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other behaviour disorders and has completed a Bachelor in Psychological Science.


Nina is the studio's tiny little wolf. She's responsible for the friendly atmosphere and daily source of inspiration.